Associated Individual for Bookmaker Corporation

Applying for Approval as an Associated Individual of the holder of a Bookmaker's Registration

Before you start you must have access to
* National Police Check
   from either Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police or any other provider appearing on the most current Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission's list of Accredited 'Broker' Organisations.
* Individual Credit Report
   from either Equifax or illion
* Historical Personal Name Extract
   from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

The above documents must not be more than three months old at the time of lodgement of this application.

In addition you are requested to provide a letter indicating your association with the Bookmaker. You are also required to attach a copy of both your tax return and your Notice of Assessment from the Australian Tax Office for the past three (3) financial years.

* other documentation may be required depending upon your individual circumstances.

All documentation supplied with this application must be in digital form and attached where required.

Who should complete this form?

This form is for completion by individuals seeking approval as a new associate of a current holder of a Corporate Bookmaker’s registration.

Saving your application

Your application will be auto saved during the course of your application.

A facility is available for you to save a partially completed application and return to your application for a maximum of fourteen business days. You must supply a valid email address and mobile phone number (for security validation) to use this facility.



Please complete the following schedules relating to your assets and liabilities.

If you have a substantial number of assets and liabilities, rather than listing them individually in each separate schedule, you may attach documentation which provides all the required information.

More information
  • Files must be less than 10 MB.
  • Allowed file types: pdf doc docx txt png gif jpg jpeg.
All figures should be in Australian dollars.
Entityform Security

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You have 14 days to retrieve and finalise your application, after which it will automatically be removed and can no longer be accessed.

Saving your application does not mean you have submitted your application.

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Please make a note of the PIN you enter here.

If you lose or forget your PIN, your application cannot be retrieved

An email will be sent to the address above containing a link to retrieve your application.

If the email address is not valid, you will not be able to retrieve your application.