Declaration as a community or charitable organisation

Under Chapter 8 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (the Act), only organisations which are declared by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (the VCGLR) to be genuine community or charitable organisations can conduct raffles, fundraising events, bingo, trade promotion lotteries or sell lucky envelopes.

What kinds of organisations can be declared?

To be declared, an organisation must be conducted in good faith and be established as a not for profit organisation. As well, it must be a community or charitable organisation, a sporting or recreational club or an organisation conducting the activity for the purposes of a political party.

An organisation may be declared as a community or charitable organisation if it is conducted for any philanthropic or benevolent purpose, including the promotion of art, culture, science, religion, education or charity, and including the benefiting of a fund certified to be a patriotic fund under section 24 of the Patriotic Funds Act 1958 or the fund or part of the fund of the Australian Red Cross Society.

An organisation may be declared as a community or charitable organisation if it is conducted for a sporting or recreational purpose. Such an organisation must be established as a sporting or recreational club or association for the benefit of such a club or association.

An organisation may be declared as a community or charitable organisation if it is conducted for the purposes of a political party.

The supporting documentation required will vary according to the organisation's purpose.

How long does it take to be declared?

You should allow at least 28 days for processing of your application. If you have any questions on this matter, or if you are unsure which category best describes your organisation, please contact the VCGLR on 1300 182 457 or by email at

How long is my declaration status valid?

If you are declared as a community or charitable organisation by the VCGLR, the declaration will be valid for 10 years from the date of approval unless sooner revoked by the Commission or renounced by your organisation.

If your organisation is wound up or does not wish to continue conducting minor gaming activities, you must notify the VCGLR in writing that you renounce your declared status.

You will be given the opportunity before expiry to renew the Declaration.

Will I need a permit?

Once your organisation has been declared, you may need to:

  • apply for a minor gaming permit to conduct raffles, fundraising events or sell lucky envelopes; or
  • notify that it is intended to commence bingo sessions

Relevant forms and information sheets for each of the above activities are available at under Gambling / Community and charitable gaming.

Giving false or misleading information

It is an offence under the Act to give information that is false or misleading. If you give false or misleading information, you may be prosecuted and fined up to 60 penalty units. The current value of a penalty unit can be obtained at

Submitting the declaration

You need to submit this declaration immediately after completion. The details will not be saved.


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