Minor Gaming Permits

Application for a minor gaming permit - raffle, lucky envelope, fundraising event

You must lodge your application at least three weeks before you want to start your minor gaming activity (including ticket sales).
If you allow less time than this your application may not be processed or may be refused.

You must supply a valid email address and mobile phone number (for security validation) to use this facility.

About Minor Gaming Permits

You can only apply for a minor gaming permit if you are a Declared Community or Charitable Organisation (CCO). You can check VCGLR’s list of declared community and charitable organisations to verify that your organisation is declared.
Minor gaming permit applications cover the following activities:

  • raffles
  • lucky envelopes, and
  • fundraising events.

For information about each of the above activities and the rules/conditions that apply to them, see: Community and charitable gaming.

Determining whether a Minor Gaming Permit is required

Although you need to be a declared CCO to carry out minor gaming activities, not all minor gaming activities require permits. A declared CCO can conduct a raffle without a permit if the total retail value of the prize(s) is $5,000 or less. The total retail value is determined by looking at the recognised (not discounted) retail price for the goods and services being offered.

Even where you do not require a permit, you must abide by the rules/conditions for raffles in Victoria, see: Community and charitable gaming.

False or misleading information

It is an offence under the Act to give information that is false or misleading. If you give false or misleading information, your application may be refused. In addition, you may be prosecuted and fined up to 60 penalty units. For the current value of a penalty unit, see: Gambling fees, fines and penalties.

Publication of disciplinary action

If disciplinary action is taken against the permit holder the VCGLR’s decision, including the name of the community or charitable organisation which holds the permit and the permit number, will be published on the VCGLR website and in the VCGLR Annual Report.

Privacy policy

The VCGLR is committed to responsible and fair handling of personal information consistent with the Information Privacy Act 2000 and its obligations under the Gambling Regulation Act 2003.

Application expires after 30 days if not completed and submitted

Your application will be saved automatically during the course of your application.

You can save a partially completed application and return to it for a maximum of thirty business days, after which it will expire and the information you have entered will not be retrievable.

Payment must be made online with the application

There is a non-refundable fee for each minor gaming permit you apply for. This must be paid at the time of the application. For the current fees, see: Gambling application fees.

Our secure online payment system accepts:

  • VISA or MasterCard credit cards
  • VISA or MasterCard debit cards
  • Cirrus or Maestro stored value cards


If you require assistance with this application please contact the VCGLR on 1300 182 457 or by email at contact@vcglr.vic.gov.au


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